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Brown Eyelashes V.S. Black Eyelashes - Which to Choose?

October 12, 2021 Eyelashes Views: 606

Fake lashes have been worn for several reasons for decades, as a fashion statement, as a confidence booster, or for medical issues e.g. two-colored lashes, or white, blond lashes.

Black lashes were first worn by fashion influencers to have defined luscious, glamorized beauty peeps. The trend gradually became a general vogue. There was a time when black was the only color for false lashes to be worn but the eyelash craving increased with credit to social media. And now the latest trend is the colored false lashes. Women are looking for extravagant everyday looks. This raises the craze for brown false lashes.

Brown lashes are trending exceptionally fast. They are a perfect option for people looking for a subtle, soft look.

Difference Between Black Eyelashes and Brown Eyelashes 

Subtle vs. dramatic 

The biggest difference between black and brown lashes is the spectacle impact they create. Black is extremely dramatic, prominent, and glamorous, whereas brown falsies are subtle, soft, nicer, and natural-looking.

Choosing the right one for you

Picking up the best-colored lashes doesn’t have to be overwhelming; it is all about the best suitable for your

  •        Skin tone
  •        Eye color
  •        Hair color
  •        Desired look

More than these factors you have to figure out, what works best for you, which will be the most comfortable and satisfactory to carry? 

How Will You Choose Between Brown or Black Eyelashes?

See your skin tone

Your skin tone is the right color wheel for you to choose between two.

  •        Dark skin tone

A known fact is everyone looks gorgeous in black lashes from darkest to the fairest.

Experts suggest dark skin tomes are the best suitable for black falsies because brown falsies may blend too much into a dark tone and don’t make any prominent difference.

  •        Light skin tone

Women with light skin tones can benefit the most from brown lashes. Brown lashes match well their skin. They can look stunning and sophisticated with light brown flares around their eyes.

  •        Olive skin tone

Black falsies were a bit harder for olive and medium-toned women. Darker shades of browns are best for them especially if they want to have a no-makeup look with volumized lashes.

Match your hair color

Black hair color is super fit for black falsies. They will increase the intensity and complement each other.

  •       Brown hair

There are many having brown hair, black doesn’t blend well with their eyebrows and hair. For dark brown hair, you can choose a darker brown shade and for a lighter tone, you still have options to match.

  •        Redhead 

Creating defined eyes is a tough task for redheads; they have very blond, light, thin lashes with very fair skin. Black looks overdone on their face. To pop up their eyes they have to use volumized mascaras of brown shades.

Brown lashes and extensions is a better transaction for them. It's more natural and many shades of brown compliments their hair tone extremely well. 

  •        Theblonds

Blonds usually have short thin eyelashes that can vary in color from golden to white. The inner corners can hardly be seen. For these baby lashes, brown lashes alter the situation dramatically. Brown lashes highlight their lash line without looking awkward. Lighter tones of brown are perfect for blond women to have naturally enhanced eyes.

Count the age factor

Blacks are flaunting, youthful, sensual, there is doubt. They give a much cherished, flirtier appearance. As women start aging, they want to look subtle and hesitate to apply dark fuller lashes. 

There are reasons for it, with aging, lashes, and hair starts becoming thinner, lighter, and sparse. Usually, hair loses natural luster and thickness. Even the eye color starts to fade away. Black lashes don’t match the light sparse lash line. Brown lashes are a great solution for mature women. Right size, curl, color, and thickness can create a fuller well-defining effect 

Are You Ready for the Drama? 

Black lashes can be rich, bolder, and a bit hard-looking. Brown is natural and soft yet they can be fuller and volumized

Lash experts state new or first-time clients are hesitant to have a full drama lash line, some are shy too. Many complain they are not satisfied with the black lash look.  For such newbies, the brown lash is worth wearing. Brown tones eliminate their shyness and hesitance, one day they will eventually want a stunning dark lash line. APPEARANZ Honeymoon Brown magnetic lash kit is a great option for newbies. They are softer, natural, and easy to apply.

APPEARANZ Honeymoon Brown magnetic lash kit

Where to Wear Black and Brown Eyelashes?

There are no hard and fast rules; it’s a matter of personal choice. But as for their aesthetic looks, you can wear them at different times and occasions according to the desired look.

  •        In the daytime, a subtle natural look is preferred, so for school, work, or errands wearing brown falsies is absolutely right.
  •        For night parties, friend’s get-togethers, celebrations vamp up the wattage with black false lashes. They will make the eyes stand out in bright sparkling lights.
  •        When you want to achieve a makeup-free face look, brown false lashes are a good choice

Brown Eyelashes Have More Color Options

Black falsies are defined as black and jet-black, black with extra shine whereas brown lashes come in a variety of colors shades to choose from, not just a note of brown a whole wheel to follow your favorite matching brown falsies, nice golden brown, medium brown, warm brown, reddish-brown, chocolate brown, espresso, sepia and a lot more.

There is the liberty to select a color according to your hair highlights, eyes lenses, and skin tone. The color options allow creating customized, creative looks.

For brown extension, you can go for 100% one tone to a mix of several shades and combinations.

Enhance Eye Colors

Dark blacks are good for all eyes but especially for dark irises. They give a depth and smearing, smoky glare to dark eye lenses.

Browns are different they elevate light irises. For green and blue eyes they are out of this world kind of shade. On a color wheel, brown is near the opposite of blue and green, it incredibly glorifies them.

Similarly, browns go exceptionally well with hazel, lighter tones of eyes whether you are light eyes or going to wear light-colored eye lenses, you can accentuate them with brown falsies. Enhance your green, blue hazel eyes with APPEARANZ Waves Brown magnetic lash kit. The light tone will make your eye color pop up in seconds.

APPEARANZ Waves Brown magnetic lash kit

Mixing Black and Brown Lashes

Besides several differences, a very emerging false lash trend is mixing black and brown for a very glamorized yet subtle look. The trend is followed by both ready-made lashes and lash extension technicians. 

  •        Glue a lighter brown, wispy, lash strip with longer strands than your natural dark lashes. The blend of the dark lash line and brown tips will create an intriguing effect.
  •        For lash extensions, the same rule is applied. Shorter black strands along the lash line with longer multi-length brown strands. They look amazing under the bright lights, brown lashes glow through the black lash line looking sensational. 

Which color fake eyelashes do you like better? Brown eyelashes or black eyelashes? Share your preferences with us in the comments below.

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